Show screens

screen -list

Set title

screen -t hello

Set title and session name

screen -t hello -mS hello

Go to a screen

screen -r 1234
screen -r hello

Internal commands

Command Description
C-a c Create a window
C-a p Go to the previous window
C-a n Go to the next window
C-a S Split the screen horizontally
C-a | Split the screen vertically
C-a Tab Go to the next split
C-a Q Quit the split
C-a :resize 40 Resize split
C-a :resize 50% Resize split
C-a :number 2 Switch window position with the specific number
C-a w Show a list of window
C-a d Detach screen
C-a A Rename window
C-a i Show info about this window
C-a w Show windows status
C-a esc Copy/Scroll